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Halifax drink specials friendly to student budgets

Bring your friends for some cheap thrills a-la cheap drinks

Halifax drink specials friendly to student budgets
You can enjoy The Seahorse’s custom-brewed Horsepower on The Local’s patio.

$4 drinks and half-price apps after 8pm
East Side Mario's, 5287 Prince Street
Go for the free bread and salad, stay for the cheap drinks and appetizers. You'll never leave.

Craft beer Sundays
Your Father's Moustache, 5686 Spring Garden Road
Take a break from slugging Vitamin O (Oland's) and Keith's on Sundays and taste your way around some of the best craft bevvies this city has to offer. (YFM's rooftop patio is a dream, so enjoy it while it lasts.)

$16 wings + pitcher
The Alehouse, 1717 Brunswick Street
Treat yourself to the Alehouse before midnight with cheap pitchers and wings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Take some time to appreciate the often ignored decor and ambiance, bring your friends and save a buck.

$3 Tequila Saturdays
The Pint, 1575 Argyle Street
"Saturdays are for dancing" a wise poet once said, and should they still be alive they'd certainly add "dancing and drinking tequila—responsibly," don't you think? Now, whether they're thinking fiscal or social responsibility... we'll never know.

Cheap drinks every night
Resolutes Club, 5461 Inglis Street
Forget singular cheap drink nights, says one Resolutes reveller, this spot has the best prices every day of the week. (Prices subject to market demand and availability.) Be the friend who goes out on a limb to ask for the secret code. It will change your lives forever.

$3.75 pints of Horsepower
The Seahorse, 2037 Gottingen Street
Forgive yourself in advance for forgetting what it's called and just ask the bartender for "the cheap one." This special blend by Propeller Brewing Co. made just for The Seahorse comes even cheaper in pitchers, and is a damn good excuse to get there early enough for two-for-one cover at '90s night. You can also grab a pint or pitcher upstairs at The Local, too. (Always tip your bartender, especially if you do ask for "the cheap one.")

$6 margarita Mondays
Antojo Tacos, 1667 Argyle Street
Start the week off with a salt rim, satisfaction and savings on all classic margaritas at Antojo on Mondays. Keep the goodness going with $4 tacos all day Tuesday and $4 happy hour Coronas from 4-6pm. (Get happy hour Coronas on Wednesdays and Thursdays, too.)

Free Water Weekend and Weekdays
Bars and restaurants in Nova Scotia must offer water for free. After you suck back some appropriately-priced alcoholic beverages, chase with vitamin H20. A one-to-one ratio is your best bet for general health, preventing hangover and helping you stay safe.

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