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25 for 25: episode 2000

Halifax's urban forester John Simmons recounts tales from the brown spruce longhorn beetle wars.

We're finally in the new Willennium.

Our editorial colleague Allison Saunders joins us in studio to chat about Hershey's laying off workers at the old Moirs plant (plus the difference between American and Canadian Pot of Golds). We also run down the greatest Atlantic Canadian albums of all time (as chosen by Coast readers in 2000) and Tara brings up Ashley MacIsaac's scabies.

Then, Halifax’s urban forester John Simmons drops by to talk about the brown spruce longhorn beetle. It was a beetle invasion inside Point Pleasant Park that no one was celebrating 18 years ago. But how much of the panic was driven by industrial concerns? And where are the beetles today? (Spoiler alert: still here)


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