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What memory do you still masturbate to?

Proof from our Sex + Dating survey that what goes around comes around.

Circle jerks aren’t for everyone, but there’s a lot to love about a cycle of self-love. The idea of yesterday’s hot experience powering today’s sweet release sounds too good to be true, like turning lead into gold. However, the relationship alchemists who answered this question in the Sex + Dating survey reveal just how magical a good memory can be.

“The girl I made out with at Pride last summer.”

“That mountain-man looking guy who used to chat me up while I was working as a liquor store sampler. So wrong but so right.”

“Sex in the woods in Keji.”

“Receiving oral sex in the back of my ex’s car. Best sexual memory ever.”

“Ex-partner cheating and describing it in detail to me.”

“We were on a shuttle from an outdoor concert to the parking lot and I slipped my hand into her cutoffs to finger her. She was wet and touched me too. I pushed her up against the car and pulled down the cutoffs and fucked her from behind against the car. She came, told me to do the same and I did. We got in the car and saw lights go on in a nearby vehicle which beeped the horn as it passed by.”

“Fisting my ex-boyfriend, watching him get off.”

“Being flogged at an orgy last year."

“My girl working out in her sports bra.”

“I finally got to sleep with my crush after a year of pining over him, and it was amazing. We didn't end up dating, but that memory will last a lifetime.”

“Road trip sex with my best friend.”

“A threesome in Jamaica.”

“After having amazing sex with one of my partners I pulled her back onto me and started again, when she realized we were going at it again she made a subtle little sound that was hard to describe—almost like a squeal of excitement mixed with a giggle. I can almost still hear it when I think of it.”

“Sucking off the ex-wife’s boyfriend.”

“If I did, it would be the way he used to bite my nipples.”

“A one-night stand I had that was super. It was my first ‘rough’ sex experience and the guy was SO caring and generous, but also gave me exactly what I wanted.”

“I was in a cuck relationship back in 2011 and to this day a MMF threesome we did is the hottest memory I have. My girlfriend getting fucked so hard she was barely able to jerk me off.”

“This girl in first year. Massive squirter. Really hot and messy. She said it was her first REAL orgasm. I felt like a champ.”

“My first orgy. Fuck, what a rush.”

“Feeling a thick ole penis slide into me.”


“An MDMA-fueled threesome after Gridlock fest.”

“Lollapalooza 1994; mmf threesome in the VW I jumped into when rain became torrential during the parking lot party. It was life changing.”

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“The partner of a friend dropped over one afternoon with a bottle of wine and decided to show off her body, which I'm sure she knew I admired. I couldn't figure out if she was really coming on or just in a mischievous exhibitionist mood, so nothing happened. But I completely enjoyed the views and have held on to those memories for over a decade.”

“I usually take a good memory of fucking around with someone that didn't lead to sex and then actively think of all the dirty ways it COULD have gone. If I made out with one woman, I'd think about how I'd eat her out if things went further. Was I felt up by this guy I'm into but didn't fuck? Well, I'd have to imagine when, where and how I'd come on his face or how he'd bend me over. I got a real active imagination over here and it's always so much more fun elaborating on the potential a flirty relationship may have than something you've already done.”

“A guy I have a super huge crush on was dancing very close to me and put his hand on my back and I swear to god, I felt more excitement in that moment than any sexual experience.”

“Once, I was travelling for a while, and when I returned home to my partner we had really rough sex. I stripped her down, ate her ass, fucked her mouth. We did anal play, had vaginal sex. She scratched and bit me to the point of bleeding and I spanked her good. I came on her face, and then when she went to the bathroom to clean up, we had sex again while she stood against the counter with cum on her face. It was like porn sex, only better, because the whole time we were both totally surprised at where it ended up going.”

“Scissoring with a former girlfriend.”

“While in an open relationship, I came home from a date to find my partner having sex with her girlfriend. They invited me to join in.”

“Riding faces all over town.”

“None! Out with the old, in with the new!”

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