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Batter up: 7 spots to eat fish and chips in the sun

Please pass the tartar sauce.

I've been reviewing fish and chips on my blog for five years, determined to find the best in Halifax. I began this task as a naively self-assured Nova Scotian. I was born by the ocean, I must have an inherent understanding of all things seafood.

It turns out I had a lot to learn, and I'm still trying to demystify the supply chain and the food science behind a good fish and chips (you can follow my journey on my blog). But at the end of the day, I'm a firm believer that fish and chips is all about the experience. It is a delicacy that is best enjoyed on a sunny patio, preferably within nose-shot of the ocean. makes the best? You'll have to follow me at @EatThisTown to find out, but here are a few standout places where you can enjoy a good feed with a good breeze.

1. Evan's Fresh Seafoods
This is my favourite fish and chips in the city and one of my happy places. I ride the ferry across the harbour and admire the Halifax skyline from the Alderney Landing patio. Evan's haddock is coated in a light, gluten-free batter that allows the fish to shine. It doesn't get any more fresh and local than this: The fish is straight from the wharves of Pubnico, where owner Evan D'Entremont has his own boat and processing plant. Hence why you'll also find Acadian twists on the menu, like creamed lobster poutine. 2 Ochterloney Street

2. Fisherman's Cove
OK, this isn't one restaurant but a great day trip destination that's even accessible by bus (take the 60!) I like to spend an afternoon walking the boardwalk, exploring the shops and grabbing some lunch. There's no shortage of scenery here and no shortage of seafood. There's Wharf Wraps (pictured above), known for its huge, crunchy breaded filets and Boondocks, which definitely has the best patio.  4 Government Wharf Road, Eastern Passage

3. Harbour Fish 'N' Fries
Every time I find myself in Musquodoboit Harbour I am always drawn to the alluring patio of Harbour Fish N' Fries. Despite the restaurant's name, there is no harbour view nor fries worth discussing. However, the battered seafood is some of the best you'll find. I can't think of a better summer day than one spent at Martinique Beach, followed by a greasy feed at this roadside gem. 7884 Highway 7, Musquodoboit Harbour

4. Gazoo's Fish 'n' Chips
Gazoo's is another fish and chips destination on the periphery of beach country. It's the tiniest roadside shack, with more parking spaces than picnic tables, but it's a summertime hot spot that should be experienced. You are guaranteed to have a full flavoured, full-belly feed! Heaping plates of delicious hand-cut fries are topped with your choice of seafood. The chewy-crisp batter wraps fresh haddock in a greasy embrace. Post-beach perfection. 5361 Highway 7, Head of Chezzetcook

5. Shaw's Landing
The next time you take visitors on that inevitable pilgrimage to Peggys Cove, stop at this West Dover restaurant to show them what fish and chips are all about! You will not find a better combination of fresh battered fish with a side of quaint fishing village. The spacious patio looks right over the water and is permeated with enough ocean breeze to elicit all of your saltwater joys. 6958 Prospect Road, West Dover

6. Acadian Fish 'n' Chips
Acadian Fish 'n Chips has reopened its Hammonds Plains restaurant under new ownership. You'll find the same friendly staff and the same recipes, with addition of Enzo Pizzeria (and delivery!). I have very fond memories of a lovely sunny patio, with a greasy box of delicious battered fish and a cool drink here. Dining on the roadside fools my senses into thinking I'm on some sort of adventure. I'm looking forward to revisiting that experience this summer. 1990 Hammonds Plains Road

7. King Street Fish 'n' Chips
Formerly known as Fran's, this chip truck is a seasonal fixture in downtown Dartmouth. Sure, it's located in a parking lot across from the legion and the post office, but there's a slower, more neighbourly pace on this side of the harbour that transports one to a simpler time. You'll probably get called "sweetheart" and you'll definitely need cash. It'll be worth it. Nice chunky haddock is perfectly encased with a crunchy, flavourful batter and served with hand-cut fries. It doesn't get much better than this. 59 King Street

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