You even dance, bro? Watch this photo montage of The Jam | Music | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

You even dance, bro? Watch this photo montage of The Jam

Halifax's north end dance party celebrates its second anniversary on June 17

click to enlarge You even dance, bro? Watch this photo montage of The Jam
Two years of gettin' jammed

For the last two years, three Halifax DJs have been bringing the literal and metaphorical jams almost once a month to Michael's Bar & Grill (#RIP), briefly to Reflections and then finally The Seahorse, where the last several Jams have been 'jammed' to capacity. On June 17, DJ T-Woo (Trevor Wood), DJ Okay TK (TK Thorpe) and DJ Loukas Stilldrunk (Loukas Crowther) will celebrate this milestone with a special edition of The Jam to say thank you for the good times. For something extra special, Crowther has made this sweet montage of hot pics by Phototype (Andrew Donovan and Crissie Brenton) and I don't know about you, but I'm sweatin'. 

Not only has The Jam invited some of the best DJs in Canada (shout out Nick Bike) and the world (shout out Just Blaze) to spin, there's been so much local talent onstage, from DJ IV, Cam Anderson and Gwen West to Uncle Fester and Zora the Sultan, and of course, our gracious hosts, playing funk, house, Madonna and everything in between. You even dance, bro? 

"T-Woo started this whole journey, and let's be honest, it's the only good thing he's ever done with his life," says Crowther. "It's been two years of sweaty parties, sweatier after-parties, barely remembered after-after-parties and regrettable hangovers." But beyond the music, there's you, the beautiful person who shows up month after month and dances til you're soaked and covered in Horsepower: "You guys make this all worthwhile. Without you we are nothing," says Crowther. 

So smash that hecking 'going' button at The Jam's Two Year Anniversary (Vol 24) to get the scoop on share contests and other stuff. I've heard there are prizes and surprises, too. It'll be dope.

THE JAM - TWO YEARS from Loukas Crowther on Vimeo.

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