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Versus union

Heroes and villians clash at The Dart Gallery

Versus union
Eric Miller
The Joker is here to provoke.

Without conflict, there would be no stories worth telling.

The Dart Gallery seeks to tell popular stories of conflict in fresh, contemporary ways with VERSUS, the downtown Dartmouth gallery's latest group exhibition.

VERSUS was initially dreamed up by Pierre Tabbiner and Dartmouth Clothing Company's Eric Miller as a means to examine the relationships between classic comic-book heroes and villians, but as Dart Gallery owner and director Jane MacDougald explains, "The idea quickly expanded to include heroes and villains in the pop art world and beyond."

Alongside Tabbiner and Miller, locals Donald Macintosh, France Arruda, Lee Cripps, April Baird and Anne Marie MacEachen have pieces in the show.

Through paintings, prints and even ceramics, the artists contributing to VERSUS explore the recognizable hero/villain connections and conflicts in pop culture mainstays including Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Silence of the Lambs and The Little Mermaid–fingers crossed for a piece depicting Ursula, the most terrifying Disney villain.

Because conflict doesn't exist simply in the realm of pop culture, MacDougald promises conceptual pieces that examine the opposing forces of good and evil as abstract concepts.

If the battle you're fighting is an internal one (a hankering for some good eats) you're in luck–Chef Allan McPherson of Picnic will be serving gourmet hot dogs–named for wrestling personalities Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Steve "The Texas Rattlesnake" Austin, Dusty "The American Dream" Rhodes and Vince McMahon–at the opening reception on August 21.

Battle the bridge closure and make your way to The Dart–you don't want to miss this.

Versus August 21-31
The Dart Gallery, 127A Portland Street, Dartmouth
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