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The To Do List

High school sex at its funniest

“Thanks for the lube, Mom,” is only one of a couple dozen fantastic one-liners filling up The To Do List. Virgin valedictorian Brandy (Aubrey Plaza) wants to lose her virginity before college. In typical overachieving fashion, she decides to master a lengthy list of sexual acts before going all the way with hunky Rusty Waters (a devil stick twirling Scott Porter). The plan isn't all that rational, nor is it presented as such. Writer and first-time director Maggie Carey focuses on that absurdity, adding in subversive wit and novel gross-out gags. Ambitious and awkward, Plaza winningly thrusts her monotone mannerisms into some clumsy physical comedy. While not the most commanding screen lead, she's helped along with all-star plays by a deep cast (especially a lackadaisical Bill Hader). Refreshingly free of slut-shaming, The To Do List treats high school sex exactly as it is; commonplace, intensely weird and hilarious.

The To Do List is not showing in any theaters in the area.

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