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The best New Year’s Eve baby names inspired by 2015

Delivering or conceiving, we’ve got you covered.

The best New Year’s Eve baby names inspired by 2015

Baby New Year isn't just a convenient editorial cartoon metaphor. According to the New York Times, December 31 is the third-most popular conception date of the year. In fact, the whole holiday season is peak baby-baking time. On the other end are the women who go into labour on December 31, promising the first birthday of 2016 as declared by cute news stories. Either way, why not honour all that 2015 offered Nova Scotia with these baby names inspired by the past year.

Halifax's new logo may have permanently erased Dartmouth from the history books, but now our sister city will live on forever through your children.

Let your son or daughter know how they Big Lift your heart, and build a bridge to the future. Bonus points if your last name is Macdonald.

Exotic and enticing, Donair the child would be just as beloved as donair the food. Added family fun: reenact city council meetings at the dinner table by debating whether your kid is important or just a big joke.

Justin Trudeau
Canada's sexy new boyfriend is smouldering like our carbon emissions, yet gentle like our compassion to Syrian refugees.

Storm Chips
It doesn't have to be just Stephanie Domet's baby. Storm chips kept this province together during a terrible winter. Just check if it's trademarked first.

Nova Star
Yes, it's a floating pile of suck. But the odds are pretty good some government department will accidentally cut a cheque and invest a few million dollars in your kid.

A simple way to explain to your child why they were born in Nova Scotia, but raised in Ontario. Also useful for shaming other babies who clearly don't support the film industry.

The undeniable winner of best baby name this year is of course Maceo, the eight-pound, 10-ounce bundle of perfection born to our arts editor Stephanie Johns in September. He rules. Other babies drool.

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