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The Bad Bad Bad tours Halifax

The Dartmouth duo releases a new EP by touring from the comfort of home.

The Bad Bad Bad tours Halifax
You’ve got three chances this weekend to see the musicians behind these instruments.

A whirlwind tour of the HRM is a little piece of heaven for many--- touring without having to leave the friendly confines of your own city being the unrealized dream of many local musicians. The dearth of live music venues off the peninsula hurts many a band's chances of pulling off the feat of an intracity tour. Thankfully the emergence of Dartmouth venues like CD Heaven and Jacob's Lounge has increased the options of those looking to play elsewhere in the HRM.

The Bad Bad Bad is one of the bands taking advantage of Dartmouth's burgeoning music scene. "We look at Halifax and Dartmouth as two different places," says the duo's guitarist, Jake Seaward. "We really have different draws in Halifax and Dartmouth. After we relocated a couple times on both sides of the bridge, we made friends on both sides."

The Bad Bad Bad duo---the other half is drummer Bryan Murphy---will be releasing its latest, self-titled EP on Seaward's own Strange Blood records at the trio of shows Friday and Saturday. "The show at Jacob's Lounge will be like the super release," says Seaward of Friday's late gig. "That night we'll be giving away lots of free swag, there will be free pizza and cool surprises. The Gus' Pub show" on Saturday "will be much like the Jacob's Lounge show except in Halifax.

"Not many people are willing to make the trek across the bridge especially after the busses stop running, so there will be a different crowd there."

The Bad Bad Bad's first show, early Friday night, will bring in an entirely different crowd---an all-ages audience at CD Heaven. "We've been getting a lot of complaints about never playing anything all-ages so now we are," says Seaward. From Dartmouth folks to peninsula residents to young fans, The Bad Bad Bad wants to accommodate them all.

As much as they love the flexibility and freedom of playing house shows, The Bad Bad Bad is more than willing to accommodate all their fans. "We play a lot of house shows, but I guess like younger kids parents wouldn't want them up all night with a bunch of drunk punks."

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