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Ten questions with Shotgun Jimmie

The indie songwriter on opening for his heroes Thrush Hermit and curing all ails with barbecued eats.

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Shotgun Jimmie's latest record—Transistor Sister 2, released this August—fulfills your RDI of wistfulness.
Grinding it out in the indie landscape since the mid-2000s, Shotgun Jimmie (real name Jim Kilpatrick) has carved a niche in the pop-tinged, singer-songwriter landscape. With nine albums under his belt and his heart forever on his sleeve, his is the jangly sort of sound that tickles your eardrums—as sugary and energetic as Pop Rocks and Coke.

Tonight (Sep 27), he's hitting the stage at The Marquee to open for legendary '90s Halifax act Thrush Hermit as the band reunites to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its landmark album Clayton Park (get yer tix here). "There was about a year of my life when I listened to Thrush Hermit every single day. Clayton Park is a special one because it has it all: endless jams, anthemic stanzas, powerful pop hooks and soft sincerity," Kilpatrick says in an email. To show how deep his love of  the Herm runs, he also gave us a rough estimate of how many times he's spun the classic LP:

"I know that record inside and out. It's fully a part of my life's soundtrack. Here are some conservative estimates:
Deep headphones listen (seated): 200+
Deep headphone listen (on a bike): 250+
Deep headphone listen (walking): 300+
Deep headphone listen (running): 3
At a party or with friends: 25ish
In a car: 300+
Shower (not the entire record): 150
Cooking or cleaning or whatever: 200"

To prove you've got even more in common than a heart that beats for Joel Plaskett's old band, Kilpatrick also obliged to fill out our questionnaire.

1. What was the first album you bought with your own money?
The soundtrack from [the 1988 movie] Cocktail.

2. If you were to name your influences, which name on the list would be most surprising?
The Beautiful South.

3.What’s the best concert or live performance you’ve ever gone to?
Everything Under the Moon: by Shary Boyle and Christine Fellows.

4. What one thing/person outside of music has shaped the way you make music?

5. Share the last GIF you used below:
I don't use them.

6. Share the last shot on your camera roll below:

7. When you’re not making music, what are you most likely to be found doing?
The tedious admin work of a self-employed musician and cooking and cleaning.

8. What’s your perfect cure for a bad day?
I like to barbecue on the back deck if the weather will allow it.

9. What’s the best part about being a professional musician?
International cheeses.

10. What do you do when you wanna treat yourself?
For my 40th birthday I bought myself the Fuzz War fuzz pedal made by Death By Audio.

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