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Stranded Stanfields

help bring them back home in time for NSMW


Last Wednesday, while most of us were partying it up at GWAR, New Pornos et al, The Stanfields were staring at a broken-down van in the middle of the Kamloops, BC mountains. They were mid-way on their first cross-country tour when their engine blew. While lead singer Jon Landry is hitching a ride with tourmates The Birthday Boys to complete the tour as an acoustic act, the rest of the band is still stuck in BC and are trying to figure out how to make it home somehow before Nova Scotia Music Week starts November 4 (they’re nominated for six awards.) However, their repair bill is a whopping $7,658 and they are turning to their fans and supporters in the Nova Scotian music community for help. If you find the prospect of raising 8 grand in a week as horrific as I do, visit and make a donation to help ensure their safe passage back home. In thanks, the band plans to play a special secret show for their benefactors after the awards week.

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