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One of the best Nintendo 64 classics has been remade for the Japanese developer’s latest piece of hardware. Maintaining most of the original game design, this is a visual and portable upgrade. For those who already own the N64 version or have it on the Wii’s virtual console, paying top dollar for a 15-year-old game may seem like a fool’s bargain. The 3D effect adds very little to the feel of the game but the improved textures and animations are much more smooth and crisp. There is local multiplayer, which takes advantage of the camera so you can see your opponent’s reactions when you shoot them out of the sky, but online multiplayer is sorely missed here. The game also allows players to use the gyroscopic sensor for controlling their Arwing, but it’s terrible, especially in 3D---turn it off. If you are eager to return to the Lylat System for one more round with arch-nemesis Andross, this is the definitive version.
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