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Review: The Fairy of the Lake

Theatre that truly enchants

The DalTheatre production of John Thelwall’s The Fairy of the Lake faced at least two very large challenges. The first was to make a century-old play (written in verse, to boot) interesting and entertaining to a modern audience. The second was to stage it in the insanely difficult confines of Dal’s David Mack. Murray Theatre. Under the talented direction of Zuppa Theatre Co., the audience is catapulted into a magical realm where the fierce and jealous Rowenna (a marvellous Allison Basha) uses her dark powers to try and ensnare Arthur’s heart. It is a world populated with demons and fairies who both chill and delight. Musical pieces, some eerie, some playful, are sprinkled throughout the play to great effect. The action is spread end to end in the corridor of the stage between the audience, ensuring that no one is forced to spend the evening looking at the actors’ backs. The challenges are met and surmounted, leaving the audience to enjoy an evening of enchanting theatre.

Thursday and Friday at 8Pm and Saturday at 2 and 8 at the David Mack Murray Theatre. (The show is sold out, but check for cancellations.)

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