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Available on Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)

Pushmo is one of those clever little games that can be both relaxing and make you want to hurl your 3DS against the wall. The story doesn't make much sense but that doesn't matter, the point of the game is to solve different puzzles by pulling out blocks in order to make platforms appear so you can jump up to the end goal. As the game goes on the blocky worlds get more complex. It can be easy to get stuck or frustrated, and there aren't many hints available so you may need to consult the interwebs for help during the really tricky puzzles. Different block types and powers become available later, upping the difficulty. There is a comprehensive editing suite where players can design their own Pushmo arenas. For people who enjoy a good puzzle game while commuting or just to completely zone out and relax with, Pushmo makes for a great experience, just try not to get too frustrated when stuck.

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