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Oh Dear

Korn, Disturbed, Sevendust unleashed upon Halifax

oh man....

oh man....
  • oh man....

You can exhale now, everyone - the "Music as a Weapon" tour, featuring Korn, Disturbed, Sevendust, In This Moment and something called a Stillwell is coming this way on April 5th at the Metro Centre.

I used to jam on Life is Peachy back in the late '90s. When you are a weird bookish person with your gaggle of awkward and shitty friends in the burbs, and punk has not yet entered your consciousness, and all you have is MuchMusic and the Edge 102.1 as your music radar, you will end up listening to Korn.
I liked that a bunch of genuinely nerdy-looking angsty males could expose their unhappy repressed ids with total - if occasionally artless - conviction. I never listened to songs like "Kill You" for nuance - I listened because I heard my own feelings of self-loathing echoed back to me tenfold, and the singer did it in an naked, nasty sort of way. For awhile Jonathan Davis wasn't afraid to look weak or shitty or ineffectual. And for those of us who were too young for Nirvana, Korn filled a similar void - but really, they were a gross, inverted version of Nirvana, without the distracting metaphors or Kurt Cobain's sweet damaged blue eyes. There was a genuine ugliness to both their appearance and the depth of their misanthropy.

Then of course there came album sales and Grammys and hit singles and money and the abusing of groupies and the muddling of the message. Their music got really, really bad. I got distracted and stopped listening. I cannot attest to what a Korn show would be like now, in 2011. (They formed in 1993.)

Also today, a brief Youtube search re-exposed me to that weird growling rap-metal beat boxing thing that Davis always did. It has not aged well with time. It sounds fucking ridiculous. He's like a Cookie Monster with dreadlocks.

Anyway maybe you guys can go to this and prove me wrong, or take a video at least so I can giggle at it. Tickets go on sale Saturday, February 12 at 9am.

Tickets $48.50 - $68.50 (taxes and service charges included) on sale at Ticket Atlantic Box Office at Halifax Metro Centre and at all participating Atlantic Superstore outlets.

Charge by phone 902-451-1221

Online at www.evenko.ca or www.ticketatlantic.com. The first 500 floor tickets sold will be available for $63.50 (taxes and service charges included).

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