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Mocean Dance's blank canvas

This world premiere presented by Live Art Dance shows that Halifax has their finger on the pulse of contemporary dance.

Just in time for Mocean Dance to enter their second decade of bringing innovative, contemporary dance to the stage comes Canvas 5 x 5, a world premiere presented by Live Art. The Tedd Robinson-choreographed piece features four Halifax-based dancers using not just the stage as their blank canvas, but an actual blank canvas as a prop, too. Actually, it almost becomes the fifth dancer. "Imagine the dancers folding, whipping, and flying with the fabric, at times in control of the canvas, and at times vulnerable around these blank sheets of infinite possibility," says Mocean's artistic director Sara Coffin of the piece, in which Robinson drew from both Scottish and Japanese influences. Coffin was lucky enough to see Canvas 5 x 5 grow from it's earliest stages after attending Robinson's creative retreat La B.A.R.N. in Quebec. "There are a few sections that make me bounce from my seat or pull my heartstrings every time, especially when I see the four women go to a place of pure honest inquiry and giving, which they all do so well," says Coffin.

Thu Jan 19-Sat 21, Sir James Dunn Theatre, 6101 University Avenue, 8pm, $25/$20/$17, 494-3820, i[email protected],

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