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Lou Canon cuts class

The Toronto-based singer-songwriter celebrates her first album by visiting record stores across the country.

Lou Canon cuts class
Lovely Lou Canon

Lou Canon's debut album started as a really great Christmas gift. Her brother-in-law (who also happens to be Hayden) randomly chose her name in the family draw and offered to help her record a couple of tracks. After some time in the studio a couple of songs turned into an EP and soon enough, that EP had become a full-length album. "It felt really natural and casual and it was really just us sitting together in his studio, sharing ideas and drinking tea," says the Toronto-based part-time singer-songwriter (and part-time elementary school teacher). Now, she's taking some time away from the classroom to bring her new release, which she calls a self-narrative look at her mid-20s, on the road. But this tour is an up-close and personal one, finding her in little record stores across the country performing for not just her fans but for those random record hunters, too. "Really, it's all about introducing myself in an extremely intimate way," says Canon.

Thursday October 27, Taz Records, 1593 Market Street, 2pm

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