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In the Shadow of Cryptorips

Two years after recording Shadow Up Gold—and two months after its surprise release—the Halifax-four-piece finally celebrates.

In the Shadow of Cryptorips

Cryptorips Shadow Up Gold release w/Beach Bait & Designosaur
Thursday, August 23, 8pm
The Seahorse Tavern, 2037 Gottingen Street

Out of the blue, Cryptorips dropped its first full-length record early in June. Besides the occasional Instagram post, there was no hype, not even a Facebook post announcing its release—just an album of noise-rock suddenly available on all streaming platforms.

"I just thought that in 2018, you just press a button and everything magically just happens," says guitarist and vocalist Mark Mullane.

A combination of work, family life and scheduling meant that Shadow Up Gold came out two years after recording started in 2016 at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport.

"We've all been in bands for a long time," says Mullane. "When music is still a huge love in your life, like you've got work and family stuff, it's hard to nail down the times to go in and record."

Mullane temporarily shifted his musical energy back to his former band, North of America, last fall when it got back together for a string of 20th anniversary shows. Bassist Matt McQuaid keeps busy releasing music and touring with his Toronto-based band Holy Fuck.

After the initial Old Confidence Lodge sessions, Mullane re-recorded parts of Shadow Up Gold back in Halifax at Echo Chamber. Finally, Keegan Goodspeed of Botfly came into the studio to play and round out the record. The band initially started when a hangout turned into weekly jams. Despite busy schedules, Mullane, McQuaid, Adam Hartling (Long Weekends) and Rob Oxner will sporadically emerge seemingly out of nowhere to deliver angular punk-rock at shows or drop new music.

"Just as a creative outlet for me, I think that I need it in my life," Mullane says of the band. "It's nice just to have a space where you can go to and just make a lot of noise for a couple hours in a comfortable sort of space. I just can't stop writing songs."

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