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In the jungle with RAMZi

Phoebé Guillemont’s got layers, best revealed through the character and music of RAMZi.

Container, RAMZi, JFM, DJ Doris, DJ A.S. Pearson
Friday, May 22, 10pm
Menz & Mollyz Bar, 2182 Gottingen Street

As RAMZi, Phoebé Guillemont creates electronic music with tropical and psychedelic flashes that bridges the gap between her solo bedroom studio and dance floor wild parties. Guillemont packs layers and influences into her songs, her latest album, Bébites, rewards with repeated listens. "I'm curious by the variety of instruments and percussive sounds worldwide. MIDI instruments give me the freedom to play with any sound I like easily. I think it brings me closer to my ideal of creating organic and spiritual music," she says.

On her onstage alterego, Guillemont describes RAMZi as a character she inhabits for maximum creativity. "RAMZi can be my subconscious, my best friend, the child I care for, my intuition. It's getting a more defined and complex persona with time. Neither boy nor girl, this kid protects me and helps me when I feel lonely."

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