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HPX 2011: Tuesday

Die Brücke, VKNGS, i'm old

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The desire for familiarity and comfort can sometimes derail the most ambitious of plans. That's more or less what happened last night at the Seahorse. After the Deadly Hearts wrapped up their set with the usual dry aplomb, there was a unanimous consensus of "fuck it, let's go to Gus'." Sometimes you just wanna go to the same place you always go where you can yell and fall down and there is loudness everywhere. Also, it enables one to go home for a five minute power nap between bands. Not that I did that. Also I wasn't in the mood for quietly and attentively listening to pretty music like Braids, although Twitter tells me they were pretty good.

The show was a tribute to former HPX volunteer and devoted Halifax scene kid Alex Fountain. I didn't know Alex at all, but based on all that I've heard about him, this is the type of show he would have loved. Many of his friends were out and gave 'er well. The atmosphere was friendly and nostalgic and celebratory and pretty much perfect.

We got there in time for the venerable VKNGS, and big ups to KLC for reminding us that you should wear earplugs when you go to see VKNGS. Good God they are loud. You have probably seen them before if you've been in Halifax for awhile - they make heavy intense math rock that rumbles in your guts and is generally all-consuming. Bassist Jim rested his forehead on the microphone in a way that I thought was funny, but it was probably supposed to be serious DON'T GET MAD.

After a quick set changover, during which time I absolutely did not go home and take a nap, Die Brücke went up and jammed out a thrashy set that felt entirely too short. Members of the band shared quick little stories and words about Alex in between their songs. Mark Black spoke about Alex's love of dancing, and his words spawned one of the funniest mosh pits I've seen in a long time. My favorite part was early on in this process, watching people on the fringes, who were in turn watching people throw themselves around in the pit, trying to channel and restrain the desire to join in all at the same time, and eventually giving up. By the band's fourth or fifth song, a cluster of people were singing and fist-pumping and falling and getting up and falling down again. It was so great. I'm tired and not explaining this well. My companion took some photos on his phone so here they are.




At this point I was so tired and absolutely not drunk enough to persevere, so I eschewed DD/MM/YYYY for my bed. Sorry guys. I slept a lot though, so tomorrow's report will surely be more comprehensive. Regardless I thought this was actually a great way to start HPX - it was warm and caring, funny and good, and revealed the closeness of this community and the devotion of Alex's friends. The night belonged to them, and they did well with it. It made me really happy.


- 'THE GIRL IS HOT,' yelled one attendee during Die Brücke. I am pretty sure she was talking about Steph Johns, unless it was a sick diss directed towards one of the Die Brücke males, in which case lol.

- An old man walked by Gus' while we were outside and actually openly leered at a group of girls beside us. Like, he licked his lips and everything. I know, I should be innoculated against this shit by now, living in the North End, but Jesus Christ.

- 'Give me back my glasses, please. I'm blind as shit.'

- 'Molson products taste like baby's poopwater.'

TONIGHT - Bloodhouse for the first time in like a year, Cold Warps in da lobby, secret guest at the Carleton, Rich Aucoin album release with giant band, and, of course, THEE FUCKING OH SEES. See you around.

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