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Genuine Julie Doiron

Her first solo release in three years, So Many Days follows in truly Doiron fashion: honest and true.

Genuine Julie Doiron
So Julie Doiron.

The best thing about Julie Doiron is that, songwriting or otherwise, she tells it like it is. "Sometimes you just make a record, and that's it," says the Sackville, New Brunswick-based singer responding to the fact that in terms of her pending release, three seems to be a magic number. So Many Days was written over three years, three cities, three relationships and, to top it off, it's her third record with former Eric's Trip bandmate Rick White as her right-hand man. "I've had a lot of emotional ups and downs in the last three years, more than I've ever had," says Doiron of the album's sometime's painfully honest content. "I'm still just trying to understand who I am and accept it." The thing is, coincidences aside, she doesn't need a gimmick. Julie Doiron is a masterful songwriter with a new release and that in itself, is enough. –Allison Saunders

Thursday September 27, Spatz Theatre, 1855 Trollope Street, 8pm, $25,

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