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Vivek Shraya, multi hyphenate icon, brings star power to STAGES 2023.

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Stages Festival

The annual theatre and performance art event is back June 6-11.

STAGES Theatre Festival is more than an annual bright star on the calendar of theatre lovers around town, more than simply a stopover a play takes between the Halifax Fringe Festival and debuting at Neptune Theatre. (Though, of course, it's both those things, too.) See, STAGES is, in its own way, an encapsulation of the wild, weird beating heart of Halifax: A days-long exploration of what theatre is and can be, as explored through new plays at various levels of development, from staged script readings to debuts of new works.

What is the official name?
STAGES Theatre Festival.

What is it also known as?
It's often shortened to "Stages" conversationally.

When is it?
June 6-11.

What is it?
A multi-day event that showcases a series of plays at all stages of development (hence the name, get it?) from script reading to completed production. The idea here is that not only do you get to see a ton of vibrant, alive theatre—but you also get to chart the evolution of some works, if you're into seeing how the sausage gets made. Choose your own adventure from a fully formed work to something more experimental by peeping the colour-coded guide the fest provides.

Where is it held?
Alderney Landing Theatre is HQ for Eastern Front Theatre, the organization behind STAGES, so it only makes sense that it's the spot to see shows this fest. (The two exceptions? A reading event happening at Alderney Gate Library and a play that's also an app, which you download.)

Where do I get tickets?
Through Eastern Front Theatre's website.

Are there festival passes?
You bet! For $50, a pass helps you get your fill of boundary-pushing theatre. Get one via EFT's site.

What is the must-see show?
The one-and-only Vivek Shraya—the multi hyphenate author, artist, musician and all-around Canadian pop icon—is bringing a brand-new show to STAGES. Since the fest doesn't often boast visiting talent, the fact that Shraya is on the bill is a capital-B big deal—made only the more so by the fact that it's a standing-room-only concert celebrating her newest release, the visual album Baby, You're Projecting. Local pop powerhouse T. Thomason opens the June 11 show, and tickets are on sale now.

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