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Note: Jon's dad is actually played by Tony Danza #insidejokes

Joseph Gordon-Levitt puts his notable energy into three roles (writer, director, star) as the titular Don Jon, about a Jersey boy who’s letting porn getting in the way of finding his Snooki (Scarlett Johansson). The movie’s hyper-kinetic, quick-cut visual style (with lots of real porn spliced in) paired with JGL’s put-on Jersey honk and Xavier Dolan levels of shirtlessness make the whole thing a thoughtful yet unpleasant affair (also Johansson is considered the ultimate woman, but we all saw Julianne Moore’s name in the credits, so nice try). Nice casting, with Tony Danza and Glenne Headly as his parents—Brie Larson, who is having a phenomenal year, is wasted as Jon’s silent sister—but by the time the always-welcome Moore shows up you really need a break from all of it. Gordon-Levitt has a lot to say about human connection but like porn itself, reaction will vary.
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