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Discover tarot at Art Bar +Projects

It's in the cards.

Tarot: The Road To The Self
Thursday August 31, 7-8:30pm
Art Bar +Projects
1873 Granville Street

Jonathan Stewart says most people associate tarot cards with fortune telling, but there’s much more to learn about them.

“I still don’t actually know if I believe in fortune telling,” says Stewart, having first come across tarot as a teenager, “but I picked up a deck and I taught myself how to read tarot and then I sort of found out about this deeper history.”

Stewart—who’s currently based out of Montreal—is in Halifax for the summer and is bringing his "Tarot: The Road To The Self" workshop to town. The workshop starts of with a lecture, during which Stewart explains the history of tarot as well as symbolism and theories. He then goes through the different systems and uses for the cards.

“I can’t go into depth with each method or each use, but maybe this will spark an interest in people who come to the workshop,” says Stewart. “Then, they can explore deeper by themselves.”

Stewart will be presenting a wide range of perspectives on tarot, “from party trick to powerful and psychological spiritual tool,” he says.

Attendees who have a tarot deck are invited to bring it along, or to download a free tarot app here. The workshop is free, although folks are invited to donate to help cover the costs if they're able.

“I would say it’s for anybody who wants to know themselves better, and for anyone who’s looking for a toolbox to help them with—again—spirituality, creativity or psychological progress,” says Stewart. 

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