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Comedians recap 2014's laughs

Some of the best live local comedy moments that you had to be there to see

Comedians recap 2014's laughs
*Seinfeld bass line*

We asked some local comedians what their stand-out stand-up moments of 2014 were, here are the funny results.

“My favourite moment was watching the legendary Steve Mackie win the hearts of everyone at Gus’ Pub with his hilarious rants during the recording of his special in September. He's not made of mattresses!” comedian Kaitlin Shuvera.

Kaitlin Shuvera's got puns, hon:

“My favourite stand-up moment of the year was the first full house show at the Grad House. Headlined by Darrin Rose and Mark Little, it was the best free show I’ve ever seen. My new comedy night was struggling, then one night, just by luck, some of the best comedians in the country in town and agreed to do my show. Since then my show has had really solid attendance.” comedian and Wednesday night comedy at the Grad House host Dan Hendricken

Chris Locke [at Warm Soda at the Company House] was rad because his album just came out on iTunes and it was number one in the country. He was in the city, I think doing Yuk Yuk’s and wanted to do a indie show. Steve Mackie’s CD taping show was killer—it felt a ‘cool’ band after their bandcamp drops. Everyone was pumped for the material and Steve killed.” comedian and Laughter Burner at Bearly’s Wednesday night host Paul Doucette.

“The funniest things that happen aren't prewritten punchlines but authentic interactions with people in the crowd. The phrase ‘you can't write this shit’ comes up often. The Grad House started an open mic on Wednesday and it’s become my favourite stage/vibe. It's an intimate space filled with an attentive crowd. We've all invested in the space and we're loving it.” comedian Chanel Friere.

Chanel Friere talks ladies' nights (and more):

“My favourite moment was the Pride Comedy Show put on by Eureka Love. I was doing a bit I call ‘Rescue Husbands.’ I remember saying, ‘You didn't rescue that dog. You plucked him out of death row at the pound because he had a nice smile. That's how you pick your politicians too, isn't it?’ It just occurred to me as I said it. The room exploded. Nobody gets multi-layered political humour quite like the Pride audiences do.” comedian Trudy Fong.

“For me it was definitely the weekend of May 29-31st. I was doing a split middle at Yuk Yuk's and did a different set each of the three nights. All three were well received and I felt really happy with my progress as a writer and performer, knowing I could get 'em in a lot of different ways.” comedian Josh Dunn.

Dunn's The Sh*t Show:

"My favorite comedy moment of 2014 was the roast Everardo Ramirez, Struan Sutherland, Bill Wood and Steve Mackie did of me for my birthday. Kyle Dooley and Evany Rosen (Picnicface) sent in video burns, and I really learned a lot about myself and how terrible/loved I am (age undisclosed)." comedian Cher Hann

What were your favourite (or least favourite) live comedy moments of the year? Because nothing burns off nog like a good belly laugh. Or a good cringe can often tense up the muscles in roughly the same way. Both work.

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