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CKDU Are Going All Night Long

all night

Good morning jerks! As most of you know, the CKDU funding drive is still in full swing (continuing to October 7th) and tonight the hardworking programmers will be broadcasting ALL NIGHT LONG. Yes, this is correct. After the regular programming day ends at midnight, staff and volunteers will be going all Jerry Lewis on your ass (minus the crotcheyness and old-man racism) in order to solicit your donations and amuse you with increasingly crazed and sleep-deprived antics. Funding drive coordinator Catherine Chapman tells us that the station is aiming to raise $26,000 by the end of the "night." "People really need to listen to our whackyness as it gets later and later and we continue to ask people to donate and why they should," she writes. Insomniacs, tonight is your night to step up. Help the good people of CKDU raise money so they can eventually go to sleep.

Additionally, anyone who pledges to one of the following shows TODAY will be entered in a draw to win a Halifax Pop Explosion Priority Pass:

Operation Wake Up
Inner Connections
Youth Now!
The Swing Arrangement
From the Margins
Dark End of the Street
The Lost Cosmonauts

We would like to remind you that the priority passes are fucking sweet. From the HPX website:

The 5 day HPX Priority Pass gives holders*:

* Skip the lineup priority access (subject to capacity)
* Guaranteed NO COVER at all HPX shows (St. Matthew’s Church & Paragon concerts included
* Music Matters Conference
* Citadel Hotel Label Showcases
* Just Friends Brunch
* Insider festival communications and special offers

Um, yeah. That's pretty good. Donate by calling 49-HAPPY or online at The lucky winner will be announced on Operation Wake-up Tuesday morning. Make a donation, folks. DOOOOO IT.

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