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cartography’s tiny map making

A “gently interactive” show offers a chance to reflect and contemplate personal histories.

Thu Sep 7, 10pm; Fri Sep 8 7:10pm;
Sat Sep 9 3:50pm; Sun Sep 10 9:30pm
The Living Room, 2353 Agricola Street

"I really love tiny things," says Colleen MacIsaac. She means physically small things—she works in many art forms including illustration and with multiple theatre companies including 2b, The Villain's Theatre and the Bus Stop Co-op—as well as "tiny stories, little moments."

For Fringe she has meticulously constructed a small show at The Living Room—maximum 30 seats and 20 minutes—in which she paints a map live, trying to get back to a single tiny, perfect moment in time. (Coast contributor Michael Lake appears as The Facilitator.) "I liked the idea of the need to make a map," says MacIsaac on the patio at The Haligonian, "as opposed to the need to follow a map."

It's a gently interactive show: The house size dictates which geographical feature MacIsaac uses as the map's start point. Patrons are handed a tiny program ("for wayfarers") that contains a questionnaire asking for places they feel safe, alive, that they can't remember. "I wanted it to be something where the audience would have a chance to reflect," she says, "or have some moments in the show where the audience could contemplate their own histories, or their own memories."

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