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Blue Rodeo and the CanRock of ages

Greg Keelor talks about how hard it is to play new songs.

Blue Rodeo and the CanRock of ages
Heather Pollock

For 30 years, Blue Rodeo has been cranking out the classic rock-country jams. Just last October, to go along with more than a dozen studio albums, the band released the 14-track Live at Massey Hall to honour its legacy. And the band is still going.

"We were even rehearsing a new record before we left on this tour," says guitarist, co-vocalist and songwriter Greg Keelor, "It's really the most fun you can have. We're playing a lot of new songs live, a lot of ones we haven't done before. We're doing about 25 songs a night." Keelor says the band still plays beloved hits like "Lost Together," "Hasn't Hit Me Yet," "Rose-Coloured Glasses" and "Diamond Mine." 

"Those are the ones we feel compelled to play, and people like them," he says. "It's hard to play brand-new songs, but there's a bunch that have been in the closet for awhile, so we'll bring those out." 

Thirty years deep Keelor, 61, says the band's doing pretty well for its age. "We're happy to be on the road, playing music. It's absurd to think how long it's been. It all goes by in such a flash. My memory is dodgy anyway, but it's just been such a continuous thing in my life. I've been living in the same house for 28 years now, and everything just seems like yesterday. It doesn't seem like time has passed." 

You can see that time passing in the band's online archive, which celebrates milestones since 1986's debut Outskirts. Upload your own at

Blue Rodeo
Wednesday, February 24, 8pm
Scotiabank Centre, 1800 Argyle Street

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