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Blackbird flies with honesty

The play at Living Room Theatre is thought-provoking, but hits hard.

If you like your theatre hard-hitting and thought-provoking, then Blackbird is the play for you. You won't like what you hear and see‚ but you won't be able to turn away. The set is a dirty, claustrophobia-inducing lunchroom (within the claustrophobia-inducing Living Room Theatre), and the action is viewed by the audience through Venetian blinds, leaving no doubt that they are peering into some literal and figurative dark and private recesses. Shawn Duggan is brilliantly cast as Ray. His solidly attractive appearance makes it easy to see why a young girl might have a crush on him, and his likeable manner belies the tortured and twisted soul within. Kathryn McCormack gives a powerful performance as the damaged Una. She is both frozen in her youth and old before her time. This is not a play that gets tied up with a bow, but rather ends on a note that will leave your stomach churning.

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