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Big Brother Canada Episode 6

aired Thursday, March 13

Big Brother Canada  Episode 6

After last Thursday's Twistos twist (stop trying to make Twistos happen), new player–still disappointed it wasn't Scott!–Allison entered the house and was promptly forgotten about (save a few nasty comments from Head of Household Ika) and adopted by the boys. To celebrate, they were given a bucket of beer and reacted with an embarrassing display, screaming and literally cartwheeling through hula-hoops. Kenny flirted with Sabrina–who, along with Neda, seems to be one of the more shrewd players in the house–and was scared that Allison will out him. The Have/Have Not competition had teams (including the mysteriously injured Jon) sailing down greased paths trying to fill a wine cask, Paul was predictably useless and tanked his team. As HOH, Ika was indecisive and skittish, ignoring Neda's spot-on advice about making a dent in the strong male alliance, instead putting up Heather alongside Paul. Random thoughts: Andrew promising Sarah the next HOH really shows his overconfidence. Heather's loneliness and naivete is making me sad.

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