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Behind the look: BZLY
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Intelligent life, out there somewhere: Peter Hemsworth, the creator behind streetwear-focused fashion line BZLY, doesn't know if it exists—but he sure is fascinated by how it might dress. "I think the best part is the mystery of it all anyways," he says. For the label's latest limited-run collection, released last month, Hemsworth was inspired by "E.T., The X Files, the culture at that time of 'something's out there'" to create the perfectly slouchy tee your wardrobe didn't know it needed. Here, he walks us through the look:

1 "The gist of it is we're trying to capture that '80s, '90s grunge aesthetic," Hemsworth says. "Billie Eilish was a big inspiration because her style is an updated version of grunge; It's the same spirit—very casual."

2 The collection, titled It Happened At Shag Harbour, sees Hemsworth deep-diving into local brushes with UFOs. The 1967 incident "is one of the most interesting in Canada. There was such a visceral reaction: Fishing boats went out to find the thing that dropped in the water," Hemsworth explains. "I went to the Nova Scotia Archives to see if I could find old articles in the Chronicle Herald from 1967 talking about it."

3 A hallmark of the BZLY aesthetic? Echoing the latest visual culture in hip hop in a unique way. "The new era of hip hop is very pop-punk inspired—like Playboi Carti," Hemsworth offers, explaining how a new wave of rappers-on-the-rise helped inform this otherworldly ensemble.

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