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3 Dogs Barking

Law and Order: Newfoundland

This charged drama is set in a dingy Newfoundland cop shop interview room undergoing renovations and thereby missing an evidence recording video camera. The issue at hand is the true nature of a murder confession offered up by a minor league repeat offender of public mischief capers. The twist? The arresting police officer and an examining psychiatrist believe the confession to be false. The actors bringing alive Law and Order: Criminal Intent in a Newfoundland lock-up are Marty Burt in a bravura turn as the troubled and troubling rowdyman prisoner, Kelly Peck, skilfully convincing as a young old school detective constable (and the rowdyman's longtime nemesis) and, completing the threesome, as the psychiatrist, Niles Crane-esque Gordon Patrick White, sharp and crisp as a expert as set in his methods and ways as the hardman police officer is in his. Locked and loaded, these disparate and incendiary elements together in a claustrophobic, confined space, well, something's bound to explode. Well worth the finding out. Seen Sept. 3

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