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With online dating, you get what you pay for

With online dating, you get what you pay for
Andrea is a west coaster who now calls Bayside, Nova Scotia home. In her spare time, she writes and blogs about the humorous situations that people willingly put themselves through.

With the advent of technology, you can now flirt, proposition or even make plans to meet someone from the comfort of your home, your car and if you are really short on time, while you are relieving yourself. Progress at its finest.

There are plenty of dating sites out there, but if you want quality, you are lead to believe that you have to pay for it. But what are you really paying for? Well, according to them (keyword “them”) they have discovered something revolutionary in their “scientific approach.” So what does this scientific approach entail?

First step is that online profile. It takes forever to fill out and you can’t help but feel this unsurmountable pressure to suddenly be clever and unique. All you want to do is write something like, I have a job (well maybe), I shower once a day (usually) and I have no court cases pending (as of today); I am a catch! And just when you thought the worst was over, the site hits you with their specially designed formula of endless questions, which are in no doubt a government conspiracy for population profiling.

After spending somewhere up to a couple of hours working through their scientific approach, you think you are done, but wait! Now the site wants you to upload pictures, and not just one or two, a whole shitload. Seriously, how many of us keep that many pictures of ourselves on hand?

Now, you have access to a gaggle of people who are just like you...indecisive, desperate and obsessive. You check out the competition, and the anxiety of putting yourself out there and wondering if someone will like you quickly fades. In no time at all, you are flirting with more than one potential partner and others are checking you out.

You settle on a couple, start emailing back and forth, exchange phone numbers and move onto the first meeting. For the first time ever, you are date juggling! Then one cancels, then another, but who cares, you focus on the remaining lucky ones. You convince yourself that this will work out because after all, you are positive person, just as you stated in your profile.

You finally meet that special someone who has been selected just for you, and the two of you have absolutely nothing in common. How is this possible? You wrote your profile, you answered the questions and this is a scientific approach! It then comes to you, just because you were honest in filling out your profile, doesn’t mean that others were.

After about a month, you start to feel like this is a waste of time, and you are glad you only signed up for a three-month membership. You can’t help but wonder if you are destined to be alone. Dating sites are great for increasing your overall exposure in a short time frame, but let’s be honest, there is no scientific formula for chemistry between people, and without it, there are no sparks.

In the end, there are still the low-tech solutions that hold just as much promise as dating sites. Try joining a club around your interests, get your friends to pimp you out, go to social events. But most importantly, just get out there, have some fun, and spend your money on things you enjoy doing.

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