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Where to cry in public in Halifax

The city's top spots for shedding tears

Where to cry in public in Halifax
We've all been there, Ted.

Blessed is the individual who hasn't felt the need to shirk public decorum, crumple to the sidewalk and drown in a puddle of hot snotty tears. For the rest of us normal folks, crying in public is an inescapable eventuality.

The body's natural reaction to modern life, crying can burst forth from any number of causes. Hearbreak, stress, depression and even joy can all get the waterworks flowing.

Is it shameful? Hell no. You've earned this. But that doesn't mean some privacy wouldn't be nice.

So we asked Halifax where its favourite public cry spots were and assembled the results. Parks, libraries, bars, back-of-Shoppers-Drug-Mart-where-no-one-can-see-you; they're all here. All the premiere destinations for a tearful intermission.

Did we miss your fav? Share your selection in the comments as we'll be updating the map periodically.

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