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We all scream for Ice Cream Heads

Incredibly happy functional art

We all scream for Ice Cream Heads
Mint Chocolate Chip and Banana Cardamom heads and spoons

Natalie Slater is inspired by ice cream, and we totally get it. “I have been making these ceramic 'Ear Bowls' for the last couple of years because I love cute happy faces on everything,” she says. “Its a disease I have.”

But her new collection has Dee Dee’s Ice Cream’s (5668 Cornwallis Street) many flavours to thank for the big grins, each one’s derived from a specific flavour. Slater’s very sweet bowls and matching spoons (like Mint Chocolate Chip and Banana Cardamom, pictured here) arrive at Dee Dee’s tonight (Wednesday!) as part of Ice Cream Heads a show that’ll run until August 28th or until supplies last, which, at $25 a pop might not be long. Get the scoop, and a scoop (free with bowl purchase), at the opening tonight from 6 until 8pm.

Slater says of her hand-built and hand-painted pieces, “They are unique in their personalities and imperfections, I hope they all find happy homes.”

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