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It’s unfortunate that Bruce Wark doesn’t do his homework before condemning Israel outright in War crimes. It is also unfortunate that he didn’t consult any Israelis about the trauma they have suffered over the years. The shooting of rockets for years by Hamas into populated centres, with the primary objective being civilian casualties, is the equivalent of “living” a life which combines Russian roulette with Chinese water torture. Using words such as “slaughter” and “massacre” indicates ignorance and belittles the suffering of others---such as Darfurians--- and indicates a lack of appreciation for the fact that the resolution of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians is not simple and certainly not obvious---or it would have been resolved ages ago. It’s not black and white: Palestinians have also done wrong. If Asif Rashid, who spoke at the January 10 rally, suggests that any kind of blockade of Gaza hurt the Palestinians so badly, perhaps the question should also be: Why does Hamas smuggle rockets and ammunition into Gaza rather then food and medicine? Perhaps they care more about trying to make Israel look bad then they do about the welfare of their own people? For Wark to call his editorial “War crimes” reflects his own ignorance of world history in general and this conflict in particular. Why is there never a human face put to the suffering of Israelis? Is there an underlying bias at play here? ---Z. Rubin, Halifax
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