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Truth & Reconciliation: Nelson Morris' aunt's letter

Testimony relates horrific events at Shubanacadie Indian Residential School

Today, at the Truth & Reconciliation Commission event in Halifax, Nelson Morris gave testimony before the commission, and had read into the record a letter his aunt had written before her death. Morris' aunt had attended the Shubanacadie Indian Residential School from 1947 to 1952.

I'm posting a recording of the letter being read; listen to it here.

WARNING: the letter is extremely graphic, and describes a murder, rapes and repeatedly beatings.

You'll first hear Morris introduce the letter, before he hands it off to someone else to read.

(This is, unfortunately, a recording from my laptop, what I use to keep recordings while I'm typing notes---I don't intend for these recordings to become public, but it's all I have for this. The clicking you hear is my typing. My apologies.)

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