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The Vintage Arcade Museum needs you

Help this great idea get a proper Kickstart

The Vintage Arcade Museum needs you
Help give this interactive museum a Kickstart

Daniel Baldwin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get some help from the public to fund some start-up costs associated with having a space for a Halifax Vintage Arcade and Museum.

This venture really began when Baldwin played around trading things on Kijiji. When he came across some arcade games while trying to make a trade, he made a connection with the owner of a corner store looking to fill space recently vacated by a DVD section. Baldwin visited her shop—Daily Sweets at 2860 Oxford Street—and before long, the space was the Halifax Vintage Arcade filled with his old, playable arcade machines. However, they quickly outgrew that store and were expanded into locations throughout the city.

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. With support from donors and the online community, Baldwin is hoping to fundraise $25,000 by October 19th to buy an initial six to 12-month long lease and pay for a dedicated repair person to keep the machines—some of which go back as far as 1965—in running order. The arcade/interactive museum will not only feature old games, but there are plans to make the arcade a community space as well with things such as a free podcast centre.

With old games being resurrected in such a way at a time where retro is trendy, HVAM will easily appeal to teens and young adults and the hope of bringing back memories will certainly reel in the older crowds, some of whom would have been around back at the very beginning of traditional, electronic arcade games.

As Baldwin puts it, “We have a unique opportunity to capture the birth, life and death of the arcade machine and we think it’s a worthwhile cause.” I defy you to fault him for that statement.

To support Baldwin’s campaign, or read more, click here.

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