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The Firefly Feast lights up

Gottigen Street gets more mobile food

The Firefly Feast lights up
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A shiny little red trailer is the latest addition to Halifax’s mobile food brigade, and we have Kim Burke to thank for it. The Firefly Feast will soon be serving up morning and midday eats to Gottingen, the street that made her (and her cooking) Halifamous years ago as the Marquee’s Pizza Lady.

Tempting late night concert-goers with a slice barely scratches the surface of Burke’s experience in the food world— from street eats to Cordon Bleu chefs, pouring drinks at the North End Pub to pouring coffee at Kandahar’s Tim Hortons, she’s seen it all. But it was her first stint in Afghanistan that really pushed her to realize what she wanted: a food truck. “I needed a shake up in my life and I got a shake up. I came back and I thought ‘What’s the thing that made me the happiest in my whole entire life?’ Selling food on the street,” says Burke, who “got a hankering for it” back in 1990 while serving burgers and fries from a rental truck in Ottawa.

Her Firefly Feast will set up shop in the coming weeks right across from the Halifax North Memorial Library (2285 Gottingen Street), dishing out its staple firefries (a mix of russet and sweet potatoes and crispy onions, finished with Balinese Fleur de Sel and spicy ketchup or garlic aioli) as well as a rotating menu of sandwiches (like, hoisin pulled pork or jerk chicken with pineapple slaw) from 9am-2pm. You’ll also find these goodies at the next North by Night Market ( July 11).

Follow @fireflyfeast for updates on a Gottingen launch date and other locations.

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