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To the editor,

Thanks for asking what we think of Halifax and the new urban plan ("What is Halifax?" Dec.13).

I think that Halifax is a "city with a soul."

I was born and brought up in Calgary. My mother was born there, too, and my grandfather was the mayor in the 1920s.

So I have a history there. But I agreed with one of my professors at the U of C that the trouble with Calgary is that it has no soul. He said it had no ghosts walking around. It has big glass towers and lots of money, but its downtown is dead and windy. No tourists come there just to walk around.

When I moved to Halifax almost 30 years ago, I looked at the downtown with narrow streets, beautiful historic buildings such as the legislature, government house, City Hall and the Scotia Bank buiding, and I said there were some ghosts walking around here. I loved the streetscapes of Victorian and Georgian houses right against the sidewalk. I settled in here because this city has soul.

I think Roger Taylor and his ilk want to make the place look like Calgary, where they tear down old buildings with no foresight.

I now live in 150-year-old building near downtown. It was once a duplex and is now a condo, and love it. I walk everywhere (trying to avoid the wind tunnels created by the Aliant, Fenwick and Park Victoria buildings).

I say go along with the new HRM by Design plan. It isn't perfect because it doesn't

have enough low-income housing. But it, at

least, keeps the high-rise buildings away from certain areas.

There are some thoughtful articles you might like in the recent Walrus Magazine about cities....especially one by Mark Kingwell called "Justice Denied."

Thanks for your great editorials.

By Wendy Scott

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