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Someone ran over the Sullivan’s Pond geese and people are livid

Two of the iconic Dartmouth birds have died, and another is injured after being struck by a vehicle on Wednesday evening.

click to enlarge Someone ran over the Sullivan’s Pond geese and people are livid
Photographer Rick Gautreau captured the geese crossing the road safely in this photograph from a few years ago.

Police say a driver who ran over the beloved Sullivan’s Pond geese Wednesday evening—killing two of the animals and injuring a third—won't be facing any charges.

The incident occurred just before 6pm at the Prince Albert Road crosswalk near Elliot Street.

According to a press release from Halifax Regional Police, one goose died at the scene. Another was taken to the vet, where it passed away.

The third goose continued swimming to the Sullivan’s Pond island. Its condition is currently being monitored by volunteers.

While a flurry of social media posts by alleged witnesses have claimed the hit-and-run was intentional, police say the male driver didn’t see the geese before striking them.

“Witnesses confirm that speed was not a factor in this incident,” HRP’s press release states. “No charges have been laid.”

The pond’s domestic white geese are iconic mascots of Dartmouth. They’ve been a visible presence in and around Sullivan’s Pond for decades.

So the news that two of the nine remaining geese were killed by a careless driver has naturally been met with extreme emotion.

People are livid.

By coincidence, earlier in the same day Halifax Regional Police and district RCMP released the department's most-recent monthly vehicle/pedestrian collision stats.

There were 20 pedestrians struck by cars in June. That’s double the number of collisions in May and an increase of seven from the same time last year.

In the first six months of 2017 there have been 104 vehicle/pedestrian collisions in HRM, 68 percent of which occurred in crosswalks.

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