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Soap operation: Bad Mouth Soap cleans up

Made in Halifax and absolutely clever

Soap operation: Bad Mouth Soap cleans up
Piper Chapman is the new soap

For someone with such a dirty mouth Sarah Armstrong sure is good at helping the rest of us get clean. She's been making soap for 10 years, just for fun and thoughtful gifts, but after brewing up a big batch for her sister-in-law last winter she decided to take it to the next level—she turned her beautiful bars into Bad Mouth Soap (

“It’s very difficult for me not to swear, I’m from the south shore,” says Armstrong of her endlessly clever line of soaps, which include the Breaking Bad-inspired Tread Lightly, Larry David’s Latte, bacon fat, coffee and beer melange East Coast Hangover and the pictured Piper Chapman. “It’s amazing to be able to have a product that's mine and it’s weird and have people get it. Weird is interesting and normal is boring, that's why I did this.”

Apart from punny and funny names Armstrong aims to use mostly local ingredients and no strange colourants—it’s just oxides, mica and clay making these babies beautiful. You can add some wit to your bathing routine by picking up a bar at Biscuit General Store (1661 Argyle Street).

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