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Shoptalk product: heavenly Indian sweets

Gotta get my fix of dessert at Indian Groceries.


Now that you’re saving so much on cheap eats, you’ll have enough cash left in your pocket for dessert. Forget the Oreos, tucked away in a fridge at Indian Groceries (2585 Robie Street, 423-6339), are trays filled with nuggets of sweet, homemade heaven. Sticky, sticky gulab jamun, how I long to bathe in your syrup. My love for you is as shiny as the dainty silver leaf that laces the top of the kaju katli. Dear burfi, I miss your pistachio kisses as much as I long for laddoo, Sigh. Though you’ll want to horde these treats for yourself, they’re cheap enough to double up and share (platter in photo: $5.33), and you’ll want to savour that creamy, rich taste for as long as possible anyway.

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