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The lame news first: the Ethiopia Restaurant (6249 Quinpool) has its windows papered-over, and looks pretty closed. (See? Lame!) ...New restaurant the Rock Island Café should soon be opening in the former home of the Halifax Veterinary Clinic (6289 Quinpool)... A new bridal shop, felicity bridal, has popped up in the Salter's Gate complex, beside the Spirit Urban Spa...The wait's over: lululemon athletica opens at 5486 Spring Garden tomorrow... Home-cut fry and burger joint Willy's is now open at 5239 Blowers (former home of the Noodle Nook)...Get your bling elsewhere: Joanne David Accessories (1276 Barrington) is temporarily closed for "minor renovations."


Sadly, this is my last column. I'm headed home, to the bustling metropolis of New Glasgow. While I've only been shooting finger guns at you at the top of Shoptalk for the last couple months, I've actually been helping out T.C. Demaresq (feeding him shop tips and lame jokes) since last July.

(Thanks for reading!) T.C. will be back---without my help, but still kicking ass---next week.

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