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Get the Frig shirt ($20) at
“We’re not really that rude at all,” says Millie Jacobs, laughing. She and her partner Linn Freyer are the makers behind Two Rude Co., a little business that basically had no choice but to exist. Equipped with some screen printing gear and an affinity for the most polite swear of all time, Jacobs (who also dabbles in leather goods) and Freyer made a saucy shirt that sealed their fate.

“I really wanted to do this Frig t-shirt because I thought it would be really funny. I didn’t really think much of it because mostly I just love doing crafts,” says Jacobs, “and then they sold like crazy so we had to keep printing.” Now, Two Rude’s grown to include a handful of shirt and hat designs—mostly based off doodles and tattoos the pair have—and sell them at Lost & Found (2383 Agricola Street) and from their online shop.

“We just like to be provocative,” says Jacobs. “We like to keep it a little subtle, kind of telling people to frig off without being too rude about it. You know, keeping it pretty Maritime.”

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