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SHOP THIS: East Coast Hangover

Lather up Bad Mouth Soap’s East Coast Hangover to help cure yours

SHOP THIS: East Coast Hangover
photo by Stoo Metz
Clean up in aisle five

Depending on how strong your Celtic spirit is, come Friday you might be needing to wash the post-St. Patrick’s Day stink off yourself. And let’s be honest, Irish Spring isn’t going to cut it. Bad Mouth Soap’s hilarious creator Sarah Armstrong crafted one of her signature soaps with your dehydrated, over-tired, breakfast-craving state in mind.

Aptly named the East Coast Hangover, it combines Boxing Rock beer, Just Us! coffee grinds and French rose clay with the tempting scents of maple, bacon and chocolate, meaning it won’t just exfoliate the heck out of your end-of-winter alligator skin, but it’ll smell like post-boozing heaven, too. Wash the bar off your bod by picking up one of Armstrong’s bars online, or at many stores in town, all of which you can find here.

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