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SHOP THIS: Cursive Pins

Give a shit about handmade and classic handwriting with Amber Solberg’s accessories

SHOP THIS: Cursive Pins

Artist, maker and instructor Amber Solberg doesn't actually swear that much in her day-to-day life, but she appreciates a well-timed f-bomb when necessary. "A little quiet 'fuck' can get you through the day—there's a time and place for everything," she says. "They're understated, elegant swears."

She's talking about her cute line of accessories, Cursive Pins which spotlight beautiful recycled fabrics, hand-stitched handwriting and curse words. What started as an experimental way to indulge her love of castaway fabric and colourful thread became a good approach to use bad words. (Not all bad words though, she'll never stitch a gender-based swear.)

"I was playing around with embroidery and I do like things that have double meanings," says Solberg. "I thought, I'll just make this and see who else thinks it's funny. Every one comes out different and I'm reverting back to handwriting and when do you ever get to do that anymore?" If you'd like to wear what you can't necessarily say, these strongly-worded pins are currently available at Argyle Fine Art (1559 Barrington Street), Lost & Found (2382 Agricola Street), Riot Pixie Boutique (300 Prince Albert Road) and Trainyard General Store (53 Portland Street).

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