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Second-hand stoked

First-hand advice from Fashion East on how to hunt for thrifty style in Halifax.

The sidewalk's an everyday runway for the trio of photographers that work hard to make Fashion East ( a wardrobe-inspiring blog. Krista Comeau, Melissa Dubé and Meghan Tansey Whitton share their best advice for finding pre-loved pieces.

Make a mental list of the items that you really need or want since it's very easy to get carried away. That said, always keep an eye out for something fun or bold. Bring a friend who gives an honest opinion.

If something needs to be altered or sewn before you wear it, be honest with yourself about the chances of finishing it. (We say this because we have a pile of "projects" in our closets.)

Look at the stitching to see if it's well done and check that there are no sweat stains. The great thing about second-hand shopping is that most of the clothes have been in circulation for awhile and you can tell which ones are duds and which ones have stood the test of time.

For basic staples such as jeans, plain flats or a classic raincoat Value Village (165 Chain Lake Drive or 375 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth) is a good choice because there's so much volume that if you visit frequently you are likely to find what you're looking for. For a nice dress, beautiful sweaters or fun accessories the second-hand shops along Queen Street are a good bet.

There are lots of great second-hand shops around downtown Halifax (see below) but don't forget about Salvation Army (5280 Green Street). It's really inexpensive and you can find a few gems here and there.

Seek out some of Halifax's second-hand gems:

Allie's Boutique, 1144 Barrington Street; The Clothes Horse, 1532 Queen Street; Crimson & Clover, 1351 Birmingham Street; Dress in Time, 5670 Spring Garden Road; Elsie's, 1530 Queen Street, Encore Clothing, 1528 Queen Street; Frenchy's, 6054 Almon Street; Lost & Found, 2383 Agricola St.; MAKENEW, 1526 Queen Street; Penelope's, 5685 Cunard Street; Plan B, 2180 Gottingen St.; Put Me On,1526 Queen Street; Second Hand Rose, 1272 Hollis Street; Second Story, 1526 Queen Street; Section 96, 1581 Grafton St.

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