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Reno time at Venus Pizza/Mezza Kitchen

Direct your shawarma-vision elsewhere for now

The corner of Blowers and Barrington is going to be making a racket for the next couple of weeks, but not in the same late-night, shawarma-eating, table-dancing ways you're used to. Beloved Venus Pizza (1558 Barrington Street) is finally making its transition to become Mezza Lebanese Kitchen and there's currently a crazy gut-job on the go (check out the progress on Twitter). This means precious pizza, donairs, falafel and (one more time) shawarma (!!!) will be on hold until April 8, when the resto will re-open in its new glory. While there will be a new menu at the new Mezza, your favourites will be staying put, friends, so please restrain from any panicking. And rest at ease, while in preparation for the new space you can still don your I ♥ Venus shirt and dine at the Halifax Shopping Centre location, or Mezza at 6386 Quinpool or in Burnside (16 Garland Avenue), they'll welcome you with open arms and feed you good. But I'd say you should probably hold off on the table dancing, that's just a gut feeling.

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