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Solar Water Heating Rebate Program PO Box 2664,Halifax, NS, 800-670-4636Conserve Nova Scotia provides a 15 percent rebate of the installed cost of a solar water heating system for residential, institutional, industrial or commercial use. The maximum provincial rebate is $20,000. Rebates that exceed $20,000 may be considered, and applicants may apply in advance with a detailed project description.

Wood Stove and Pellet Stove Rebate ProgramWood Appliance RebatePO Box 2515, DEPS, Dartmouth, NS, 800-670-4636 Homeowners are eligible for a $200 rebate from the province off the purchase and installation price of a new wood pellet stove or a new EPA-certified wood stove purchased between October 12, 2005 and August 31, 2007. EPA-certified wood stoves burn about 25 per cent less wood than traditional wood stoves and burn much cleaner, producing as much as 90 per cent less smoke than regular wood stoves, according to the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

Residential Earth Energy Systems: A Buyer's Guide by Natural Resources Canada, the on-line guide provides homeowners with the information they need to plan for the purchase, installation and maintenance of an earth energy heat pump system in a new or existing home, with details on the kinds of geothermal options or ground and water-source heat pumps that might be best for your house.

Office of Energy Efficiency c/o Canada Communication Group Ottawa, ON K1A 0S9, 800-387-2000 free online energy efficiency guide by Natural Resources Canada. It has "everything you need to save energy, save money and help protect the environment while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contributes to climate change. Through its many programs for the residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors, the has the most up-to-date information on energy efficiency, alternative energy and clean fuels." On the same site you can find: EnerGuide for Houses: Air Leakage Control, another Natural Resources Canada online guide to help homeowners assess their home's air leakage and provides technical solutions to air leakage problems, as well as fuel consumption calculators, and all sorts of useful stuff.

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